Depilatory Wax Innovation from France

CireNu Sapphire

Non-Strip Wax

For Professional use Only

CireNu Sapphire is the all natural depilatory sensation from France. It's the low-temperature, non-strip wax perfect for all hair types and sensitive areas.





CireNu Means Real Value.

We did the math and usually, depilatory waxes are priced from 2 to 4 cents per gram depending on their quality. That’s why we priced CireNu Sapphire around 3 cents. Now you don’t have to choose between high-quality or low price. Choose CireNu Sapphire and enjoy an all-natural, low-temperature, high-quality wax formulation –sensibly priced. No wonder CireNu Sapphire is fast becoming the Go-To-Wax of beauty professionals.



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